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We enhance real-time decision-making with on-line content that will minimize risk, improve profits, and increase revenue. GMCStream magazine is a sustainable digital on-line –focused military and space magazine with featured articles, enhanced interactive graphics, real-time event streaming video, and focused interviews with key decision makers in the Aerospace and Defense (A& D) Industry, U.S. Legislative Key Stake-holders, and Military Commands.


  • 24x7 on-line digital e-media Defense Communications Portal – Free
  • Twenty GMCstream TV/Radio interviews with key Defense-related stakeholder’s Only for Membership
  • Video production studio with 24 hours turn-around times. (launch 2019) rates as advertised
  • Industry Research re-printed Reports -no charge
  • Mobile Apps and mobile friendly website $3.99 to download
  • Social Media links (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumbler, Pinterest, LinkedIn) Free
  • SEO GMCStream URL (keyword optimization) targeted access to data no charge


  • Yearly Paid Subscribers with special free offers (coupons for low hotel rates, children security alerts and sensors, CDs on Global military installations) $65.00 /yr
  • Monthly Newsletters focused on technologies for space and defense -for paid membership
  • Monthly Flash News alerts: (counter-intelligence, Cyber secure Networks, MilCOMM & SatCOM, UAVs, Geo Intel/Sensors, Product of the Month) -no charge on-line digital
  • Four Quarterly US Legislative Insights that affect Funding and key Defense Programs $94.95/yr
  • Four issues per year full color Subscription print magazine $39.95/yr (launch 2018)
  • Seminars on Cyber Warfare and Security Technology $1995.00/attendee – group rates apply
  • On-line Webinars on Military Technology STEM Careers $8.95 to attend
  • Mobile on-line chat services with an avatar military expert (2018) -paid membership only
  • Quarterly Webinars on Defense Policy and Strategy - $29.95 to attend
  • Flash News reporting aids immediate awareness of A&D critical events paid membership only
  • Global Satellite GMCStream network mobility access $49.95/month

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About GMCstream

GMCStream is an American Internet media company based in Mountain View, California. The company is a social media news and information company with a directed focus on digital broadband media. GMCStream researches, analyzes, and highlights MILCOMM problems and solutions that may affect Global National Security. GMCStream was founded by Richard Kusiolek, an expert in Satellite Communications, cyber security, defense, and aerospace with private sector experience and expertise in international business development and strategy, particularly in China, Japan, and Eastern Europe. The company is growing organically into a specialized niche media and technology company providing streaming video coverage on a variety of topics including politics, space and missile systems, cyber-warfare, defense networks. STEM career webinars, and planet exploration.