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Could Silicon Valley California and the U.S. Department of Defense seek mutual beneficial innovations? Can this be done or is this vision just too difficult with the level of anti-military political agendas of High Tech Venture Capital firms and multi-billion dollar social media Giants, Facebook, Alphabet, Google, etc?

It appears that Silicon Valley failed working on advanced technology for our USA military warfighters. Wall Street Journal had numerous articles that Google had rejected millions of dollars in projects proposed by the U.S. Department of Defense. Silicon Valley is in the final "stages of decline" as it has chosen to build concrete monuments to the egos of CEOs like Apple and Oracle, just to name a few. In my opinion, mixing water, rock, and limestone and pouring it on a piece of land that will be the source of tax revenue for the retirement of political employees, is clearly not innovation. I believe that the US Government should stop throwing money at crazy ideas like sending a Tesla in orbit or collecting databases so as to track the population of the USA or the Global for that matter. I think that you will find this panel moving in the right direction. Silicon Valley does not innovate but restricts innovations that will destroy their cash-cow business models to keep us in the "dark." You decide.

Richard T. Kusiolek grew up in Hamlet Indiana and was an early visionary of space related technologies in Northern California’s Silicon Valley architecting Digital Battlefields, Digital Broadband Cities, and PowerCom Parks. Professor Kusiolek was an adjunct Graduate School of Business professor with San Francisco and San Jose State University and also a contributing writer for Via Satellite Magazine, UK Satellite Evolution Asia, Military Communications, APSCC, and China Communications (CIC). As a Management Consultant, Richard focused on the satellite, aerospace, and high technology Software and hardware networking domains.

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GMCStream is an American Internet media company based in Mountain View, California. The company is a social media news and information company with a directed focus on digital broadband media. GMCStream researches, analyzes, and highlights MILCOMM problems and solutions that may affect Global National Security. GMCStream was founded by Richard Kusiolek, an expert in Satellite Communications, cyber security, defense, and aerospace with private sector experience and expertise in international business development and strategy, particularly in China, Japan, and Eastern Europe. The company is growing organically into a specialized niche media and technology company providing streaming video coverage on a variety of topics including politics, space and missile systems, cyber-warfare, defense networks. STEM career webinars, and planet exploration.